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Fire & Grills

For campers, fire and barbecues are as much a part of life as the air they breathe. Because fire has something primal about it that really completes a camping adventure. That’s why a fire source is particularly important for many campers. But also in the garden at home, a fire bowl makes the evening on the terrace something very special.

Besides the fire itself, barbecuing is an indispensable part of the holiday for many campers. Whether on a gas barbecue for quick enjoyment, comfortably on a table top barbecue or celebrated over an open fire – the barbecue is an essential piece of equipment.

Fire, charcoal or gas?

There is the right type of barbecue for every purpose. If you like open fires, you’ll get your money’s worth with a fire bridge, a pocket stove and a tripod. The possibilities are almost unlimited. In the home garden, the fire can be enjoyed in the form of fire bowls and fire barrels and converted into a barbecue with grate attachments.

The gas barbecue is particularly common on campsites. It reaches temperature quickly, is particularly clean and requires little maintenance. Only a large gas bottle with pressure regulator must always be present. Therefore, gas barbecues are often the right choice for caravan owners, as they usually have enough space.

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