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Outdoor & Camping Festival

20. - 21. April

Food & Drink

Eating and drinking while camping is often associated with colourful plastic tableware. But you can also set up an outdoor kitchen with a lot of style.

High-quality enamel tableware is particularly robust and yet attractive. Whether individual plates and cups or a set for the whole family, outdoor crockery made of light enamel is durable and resistant to breakage. This makes eating outdoors particularly enjoyable.

Delicious hot drinks can also be prepared quickly over an open fire or on the barbecue with the matching jugs and kettles. So you can have a relaxed coffee in the morning while breakfast is cooking on the camping barbecue. A percolator ensures particularly aromatic coffee or tea.

Eating and drinking can therefore also be stylish and of high quality on a camping holiday. Sustainable and durable materials ensure long-lasting enjoyment.

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