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Outdoor & Camping Festival

20. - 21. April


When camping, on excursions or in the garden, there is often one thing missing: light and electricity. But a night outdoors far from populated cities can often be pitch black. With self-sufficient light sources such as pressure lamps or hurricane lanterns, you are independent of all power sources and can still enjoy social gatherings late into the night.

Lighting accessories for guaranteed light

Hurricane lanterns and pressure lanterns are very robust and almost “indestructible”. However, they also have wearing parts that need to be replaced regularly. Especially incandescent mantles, the fabric on which the gas flame in the pressure lamp ignites, should always be in sufficient supply. The same applies to the wicks of the hurricane lanterns.

Reflector shades, hooks for hanging and coasters are also practical add-ons for using and directing the light even more effectively.

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