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Adhesive pad for Petromax cool box

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Adhesive pad for the Petromax cool box

The self-adhesive adhesive pad effectively protects the Petromax cool box from scratches and bumps and provides a better grip. The thin covering of synthetic foam is precisely matched to the surface shape of the ultra-passive cooling system. The dense material forms an effective protection against wind and weather. This protects the cooler against moisture, UV radiation and temperature effects. The lashing points are recessed in the support so that the cooler can still be secured for transport. The support is easy to keep clean by brushing or wiping.

With the Petromax adhesive pad you can bring real style to your cooler. The additional covering is available in the colour variants grey and brown and each with line structure or with traditional dragon logo.

With Petromax, you don’t have to choose between a non-slip stand or a comfortable seat. The mounted adhesive pad can be easily combined with the seat cushion for the Petromax cool box.

Simple mounting of the adhesive pad

First, the lid of the cooler should be thoroughly cleaned with water and washing-up liquid and then dried. Then remove the adhesive foil attached to the back of the pad and hold it directly over the lid of the cooler. Align the support centrally and place one side of the adhesive support flush against the edge of the cover loosely. Do not press on to allow for later corrections. Now slowly place the entire support surface on the cooler until it is fully supported. If all edges are flush, the adhesive pad can be fixed thoroughly with light pressure.

Technical data

MaterialSynthetic foam
Dimensions: (H x W x D)0,3 x 65,5 x 45,5 cm (for KX50)
0,3 x 55 x 37,5 cm (for KX25)
Weight560 g

Scope of delivery

  • 1x adhesive pad for Petromax cool box

Item number: KX50-PADG-D / KX50-PADW-L / KX50-PADW-D / KX25-PADG-L / KX25-PADG-D / KX25-PADW-L / KX25-PADW-D / KX50-PADG-L

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