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iXTEND PAD insert for VW T6 / T5 California (without Beach) in palladium gray Symbol „Von der Community überprüft“

Support for the rear grille


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    iXTEND PAD insert for VW T5 California (without Beach)

    PAD insert made of very robust special tarpaulin in the “Palladium” design

    The Brandrup iXTEND PAD insert fits all VW T6/T5 California Ocean, Coast, Comfortline (and identical models) and Trendline. The robust mat replaces the standard support in the rear.

    With the iXTEND PAD you can also sleep in the upper position of the rear grille in the rear of the VW T6 / T5 California. At the same time, the folding bed offers very good lying comfort and a stepless loading level. The insert has a durable and washable surface. Inside there is a flame-retardant foam composite. The upper loading area connects seamlessly to the folded down 2-seater bench, creating a practical and easy-to-clean flat surface.

    It is attached in the front third at the top and side of the grating (or board) using hook and loop fastener straps. PAD can also be placed over the opened iXTEND folding bed as protection. The fasteners should then be pressed together so that the hook part cannot rub against the surface.

    The insert can be raised to load the rear. The attachment remains attached and the PAD does not slip.

    The iXTEND PAD is very versatile

    On all VW T5 California Comfortline (and Trendline) the PAD can be used together with the Brandrup iXTEND Allround folding bed. Inserted over the original cushion, the grille can be adjusted to the lower position. However, with the folding bed it can also be used in the upper position on the VW T5 California Comfortline and Trendline. The iXTEND PAD replaces the standard cushion (comfort sleeping cushion).

    The PAD can also be used with the all-round folding bed in the VW T6 California Ocean/Coast. However, this is only possible with the grille in the lower position. For the VW T6 California Ocean/Coast, the insert is offered directly in a set with the iXTEND High Comfort folding bed. This means that the grille can also be adjusted in the upper position.

    When the extension is in the up position, more storage space is available in the rear. With the PAD there is approx. 49.60 l more storage space at the bottom and approx. 26.73 l more storage space at the top. This is not possible with the “Comfort” sleeping pad (from VW) because it is designed for the lower position. This does not create a flat sleeping surface at the top. Symbol „Von der Community überprüft“

    This offer therefore makes sense for everyone who values ​​better comfort and at the same time needs more space.

    Design: Palladium gray

    Made in Germany

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    Car model

    VW T6, VW T5

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    Brandrup iXTEND PAD for VW T6 / T5 California (without beach) made of very robust special tarpaulin in the design "Palladium" - Wiest Online ShopiXTEND PAD insert for VW T6 / T5 California (without Beach) in palladium gray Symbol „Von der Community überprüft“