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FLEXBAG Cargo for VW rear luggage rack 7E0 071 104 A, 7E0 071 104 B and 7H0 071 104

FLEXBAG Cargo, version for original VW T6.1 / T6 / T5 rear luggage carrier 7E0 071 104 A and 7H0 071 104


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    FLEXBAG cargo bag for VW rear luggage rack

    Suitable for carriers 7E0071104A, 7E0071104B and 7H0071104 in the “Palladium” design

    The FLEXBAG Cargo bag for the original VW luggage rack offers a very stable attachment. It has three sturdy polyester straps. The locks are self-locking and the bag is well secured by the six side points.

    The simple loading of the bag is guaranteed by the concealed closure. This makes the FLEXBAG Cargo ideal for awnings, tent poles or grills. There is also plenty of space for sports equipment, laundry or shopping at the holiday destination.

    The FLEXBAG Cargo adapts to the respective luggage.

    Other advantages of the bag are:

    • Light weight! This allows you to transport more.
    • Foldable! When the holiday destination is reached, the folded FLEXBAG can be easily stowed away.
    • Washable inside! Therefore very suitable for heavily soiled equipment.
    • Insensitive to wind! This does not increase the sensitivity to cross winds unnecessarily.

    If the FLEXBAG Cargo bag is not fully loaded, the empty part can be rolled up. As a result, the luggage is always optimally secured.

    Details on the Flexbag Cargo bag for the rear carrier

    The attachment has been newly developed for the rear carrier from VW (without a cross brace in front of the rear window). Side attachment points and the fact that it rests on the rails make the bag versatile and robust. The ends of the straps can even be secured with hook and loop fastener.
    Condensation inside is often unavoidable. Therefore, the transported goods should be insensitive to moisture or additionally protected against it.

    Material: FLEXBAG Cargo is made of coated polyester. This makes the bag resistant to salt water and even washable. The polyester straps also have aluminum clamps.

    Up to two bicycles can be transported next to the loaded FLEXBAG Cargo on the original carrier. The permissible load of 60 kg of the carrier must be observed.

    Dimensions: approx. 130 x 33 x 61 cm
    Weight: approx. 3.4 kg.
    Design: “Palladium”

    Made in Germany.
    You can find other bags for the VW rear rack and corresponding accessories here.

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    100501006 Flexbag Cargo FLEXBAG Cargo for VW rear luggage rack 7E0 071 104 A and 7H0 071 104FLEXBAG Cargo for VW rear luggage rack 7E0 071 104 A, 7E0 071 104 B and 7H0 071 104