FLEXBAG rear end for rear cargo area, VW T6.1 / T6 / T5 Beach with 3-seater bench and Multivan


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FLEXBAG rear for VW T6.1 / T6 / T5 California Beach or Multivan in “titanium black”

FLEXBAG rear closure for the VW T6.1 / T6 / T5 California Beach

For vehicles with 3-seater bench and multiflex board in the design “titanium black”

Practical storage space for the rear cargo area

The Brandrup FLEXBAG rear closure is an elegant closure for the trunk in the California Beach. The support in the chic titanium black design is intended for attachment in the trunk. It offers practical storage space for almost all items that should or must be easily accessible on the go. The degree is also ideal for everyday use, as it is easy to use. There is also space for umbrellas or walking shoes. This is particularly useful when they are dirty. In addition, the FLEXBAG rear can be cleaned thoroughly with water inside and out. It can also be easily removed and attached again.

The rear end consists of very robust polyester fabric coated on both sides. This is even washable. In addition, the Flexbag has a zipper with double slider and hook-and-loop fastener.

Optimal privacy protection

At the same time it is an optimal privacy screen for the cargo space. When the tailgate is open, the luggage is not immediately visible to everyone. Valuable goods can be transported more safely in this way. When it rains, your luggage is better protected from it. In addition, the Flexbag finish is a visual upgrade for every vehicle. The rear end creates a homely feeling in the vehicle thanks to the color that matches the VW design.

The Brandrup Flexbag rear can be used in both positions of the rear grille (bottom or top)! All Flexbag rear can be easily folded up even when filled with luggage if you need access to the rear cargo space.

Design: „titanium black“.

Made in Germany.



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