Flyout mosquito net VW Caddy 4/3 sliding window left


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FLYOUT mosquito net for the sliding window on the left

for VW Caddy from 2011

Flyout insect protection for VW Caddy 4/3

For the sliding window on the left side

The Brandrup mosquito net for the sliding window on the left, opposite the sliding door, in the VW Caddy from 2011 offers the best insect protection. It is easy to attach and quick to use. It has a U-zipper, which means that the sliding window can be operated at all times. Rolled forward, it can be fastened and thus opened completely.

The Flyout nets from Brandrup are an effective protection against mosquitoes and insects of all kinds. They are suitable for use during the day and at night. The close-meshed nets for the opening windows are tightly fastened all around with hook and loop fasteners. Therefore the manufacturer has developed a permanent self-adhesive for this purpose. The fleece pages can be attached to the frame around the window. The hook side is on the nets. This allows you to easily remove and reattach the mosquito nets if necessary. The window can still be used as a hatch.

In addition, the mosquito nets are also particularly environmentally friendly protection. The animals do not get into the vehicle, but are not injured either. As a result, the habitats of the insects are spared even when they spend the night in nature.

The Flyout mosquito nets from Brandrup always provide an ideal view to the outside. Since the mesh color is black, they are practically invisible from the inside.

Made in Germany

The insect screen for VW Caddy 4/3 for the sliding window in the sliding door on the right can be found here



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