ISO-TOP MK IV: Insulation for VW T5 California pitch roof (manual)


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ISO-Top indoor tent for the roof

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ISO-TOP MK IV: Insulation for VW T5 California pitch roof (manual)

The pitch roof insulation is the all-rounder for the transition seasons and the summer. ISO-Top insulates and effectively protects against cooling due to wind and drafts. It is ideal for use between about -5 ° to + 45 ° C.

ISO-TOP is designed for use throughout the year. Between the bellows and ISO-TOP, an insulating air cushion is created, which is also effective at high temperatures. Even in the summer sun it is noticeably cooler under the roof. Opening the windows creates a refreshing air flow and the double wall (bellows + ISO-TOP) absorbs the heat.

In addition, in cold weather, the heated air from the heater is no longer blown away by the wind through the bellows.

ISO-TOP is a noble, comfortable indoor tent for year-round use. It requires no additional storage space and is always ready for use without any further effort.


The lower attachment is completely sealed by means of hook-and-loop fastener. This can cause cold air can not fall into bed.

The new upper attachment allows for precise attachment and the best possible seal.

At the front, the upper attachment is made by hook-and-loop fastener on three special brackets.

The top is also attached with hook-and-loop fasteners.

The attachment at the top takes place on the existing eyelets of the child protection net, as well as in the hemstitch of a batten.

The two front, side ISO-TOP zips must be open when closing the installation roof. This allows the bellows to be pulled inwards when closing the roof by hand. Please also note the corresponding operating instructions of the vehicle!

ISO-TOP MK IV can be left mounted in the pitch roof:

The installation roof can be closed with mounted ISO-TOP!

TIP: When setting up the roof, the following always applies: When closing the roof, always keep a windscreen (leeward) window or door open!

If you have a VW T5 with electro-hydraulically closable roof, you will find a matching Iso Top indoor tent here.

Made in Germany.

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