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ISO-TOP MK V insulation for VW T6 with manual pop-up roof

All-season interior tent for the pop-up roof

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    Brandrup ISO-TOP MK V insulation for VW T6 pop-up roof

    For the Coast / Beach with a manual pop-up roof and without the large front opening.

    Temperature-regulating interior tent

    The ISO-TOP MK V from Brandrup is the all-round talent for the VW pop-up roof, both in transition and in summer. It is specially developed as an inner tent for the VW pop-up roof and is perfect insulation. ISO-TOP insulates and effectively protects against cooling and heating. The tent is ideal for use between approx. -5° to +45° C. There are windows with zippers on the sides. These fit the standard windows in the bellows.

    An insulating air cushion is created between the bellows and ISO-TOP. This means that it is noticeably cooler under the roof even in midsummer. By opening the windows you can create a refreshing flow of air. Die doppelte Wand (Faltenbalg + ISO-TOP) dämmt Kälte und Wärme. In cold weather, the air heated by the heater is hardly blown away by the wind through the bellows.

    The high-tech material is a membrane that is both breathable and windproof. In addition to thermal insulation, ISO-TOP also offers efficient protection against moisture and dampens noise. The membrane largely protects the bed mattress from moisture if the roof is closed in the rain and with wet bellows.

    The elegant, cozy interior tent does not require any additional storage space. It is always ready for use without any further effort.

    Made in Germany

    Fastening in the bellows

    The bottom fastening of the ISO-TOP MK V is tight all around using hook and loop fastener. To do this, fleece tape is attached all around the lower frame of the bellows. This prevents cold air from entering the bed.

    The new top attachment allows for precise attachment and the best possible seal. Three pads are attached to the front roof panel (ABS) with two screws each. It is attached to the side.

    A strip of fleece is attached to the outermost pad and to the child protection net eyelet using the narrower hook part, which is located on both sides of the ends of the fleece. The second strip is attached to the front and back eyelets so that it is between the two eyelets. The third attachment is to the eyelet and in the hemstitch of the rear batten. The plate sewn onto the fleece can be inserted into the hemstitch from above and pushed in as far as it will go. The hemstitch must not be under too much tension so that the seam ends do not come loose. The ISO-TOP can then be easily attached to the fleece strap.

    A suitable piece of fleece is also glued to the back of the painted aluminum roof and pressed firmly. There are 4 round (Ø 2 cm) fleece straps for each side for attachment in the corner area. There the material must be placed under the roof cladding so that it wraps around the corners.


    The advantage of the ISO-TOP MK V is that you don’t have to remove any parts when closing the roof. Therefore, it is fully ready for use when it is raised.
    : When closing the roof, only one window or door facing away from the wind (leeward side) may be open.

    The rubber band is also particularly practical as a retraction aid for the roof.

    Other versions of insulation for pop-up roofs can be found here.

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    Car model

    VW T6



    Vehicle version

    California Beach, California Coast

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