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ISOLITE Inside: Insulation sliding window VW T6 / T5 with car trim, right sliding door

ISOLITE Inside Sliding window one-piece, right sliding door, VW T6 / T5 with car trim


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    ISOLITE Inside: Insulation for the sliding window in the right-hand sliding door

    For the VW T6 / T5 with car trim, one-piece

    The Isolite Inside insulation is suitable for the sliding window in the sliding door on the right in the VW T6 / T5 with car trim. With Isolite you can not see from the outside, because the mat is completely opaque.

    In summer, the heat can not penetrate into the interior. The internal reflective foil conserves the cool interior air.
    In winter, Isolite reflects the heat back into the living area. As a result, the cold remains outside and it forms an effect as in a jug.

    Isolite attaches very quickly. For the ride, it can also be easily removed and stored on the bed in the pitch roof.

    Isolite is not just hung on the pane, but attached to the frame of the window with hook-and-loop fastener. This ensures a perfect seal on three sides.
    The trapped air between windowpane and isolite can not circulate in this way and escape up or down. The entire area is always tightly closed.

    Brandrup generally does not use magnets to attach vehicle accessories. Magnets can damage or even erase credit cards, IDs, or storage when they are attached, removed, or stowed.

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