ISOLITE Outdoor: Insulation for windscreen VW T4


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ISOLITE Outdoor, for windscreen outside
forVW-T4 (all models)

ISOLITE outdoor insulation for the windshield of the VW T4

The Brandrup insulation ISOLITE Outdoor for the VW T4 is designed for use in both summer and winter. The effect is very good in every season. That is why the windshield remains free of snow and ice outside in winter. The mat is also ideal as sun protection. The sun cannot penetrate and it is significantly cooler in the vehicle, if also inside, for example. Isolite Inside is used, the insulation is excellent in every season.

ISOLITE Outdoor is produced precisely for the VW T4. When the door is closed, the ISOLITE Outdoor is trapped. The mat is then fixed between the door and the A-pillar. It can be easily attached to the windshield because it is attached to the inside of the A-pillar with Velcro. This makes it very easy to attach it even by one person.

The mat is flexible and can also be rolled up. This makes it easy and space-saving to stow away. It can also be easily accommodated in any pop-up roof.

Made in Germany.

For the VW T4 there is also Isolite insulation for the windows in the driver’s cab (inside). This is also produced precisely for the vehicle. You can find the Isolite Inside here.



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