iXTEND fitted sheet for folding bed VW T6.1 Multivan / California Beach in single jersey


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Fitted sheet for the iXTEND folding bed

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Brandrup sheet for the folding bed in the VW T6.1 Multivan and California Beach

For iXTEND folding bed in the design “single jersey”

This Brandrup iXTEND fitted sheet has been specially developed for the iXTEND folding bed of the VW T6.1 Multivan/California Beach. It adapts precisely to the shape of the mattress because a rubber ensures good tension. As a result, it always fits perfectly.

The pleasant fabric ensures the desired comfort. With approx. 200 g/m² it is washable up to 40 degrees C and can even be tumble-dried (Easy Care program). This makes the bed even more comfortable to use because the bed sheet is much easier to clean than the bed.

Single jersey sheets are particularly recommended for use in midsummer. They can easily be put on and taken off by just one person. With the optional belt holders, the iXTEND beds from Brandrup can also be easily transported when folded up on the backrest.

The sheet in the single jersey version consists of 50% polyester and 50% natural cotton. It is not bleached or dyed and naturally washed.

Design:” Single Jersey”
Made in Germany.
You will find bed sheets in other designs that fit the serial mattress, the iXTEND beds from Brandrup and the beds in the pop-up roof here.



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