iXTEND folding bed for the VW T6.1 Multivan and Beach in the design “titanium black”


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Folding bed for VW T6.1 Multivan and Beach

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Brandrup iXTEND folding bed for VW T6.1 Multivan and Beach

Brandrup folding bed with washable cover in the design: “Titanium Black”

The Brandrup iXTEND folding bed for the VW T6.1 Multivan and California Beach is suitable for spreading over the existing bed. It offers very good sleeping comfort. The subdivision of the individual parts is chosen in such a way that you do not feel the edges. Even the seat belt buckles are padded.

The Brandrup iXTEND folding bed has a holder for attaching to the headrest as standard. Two parts can be folded onto the backrest and attached to the headrests. This is particularly useful for storing luggage on the upholstery or as a bed for a dog. The iXTEND folding bed consists of four parts and can be folded up on the rear cushion. If necessary, it can be unfolded forwards with one hand. With the folding bed, you also have a very comfortable and even lying surface across the full width of the vehicle in the California Beach.

If no Multiflex board is used in the Multivan, there is one behind the backrest of the 3-seater bench seat for transporting the folding bed optionally three belt holders with quick-release fasteners.

In vehicles with a 3-seater bench and two swivel seats in the second seat row, the backrests of the swivel seats must be folded completely forward. The VW multiflex board is not necessary, but it doesn’t bother you either. The foam can be removed from the cover to wash it. Cover and cold foam are flame retardant.

Material: 75 mm composite asu cold foam (two layers of soft foam and one from a hard special foam that evens out unevenness)

Design: “Titanium Black”.

Made in Germany.

A perfectly matching iXTEND fitted sheet, developed for iXTEND folding beds and for upholstery is also available.



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