iXTEND folding bed for VW T6 / T5 Multivan and Beach


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Folding bed for VW T6 / T5 Multivan and Beach

iXTEND folding bed for VW T6 / T5 Multivan and Beach

Dimensions: about 150 x 200 x 7.5 cm, 3 layers.

The folding bed is spread over the existing bed and offers a very comfortable sleeping comfort. The subdivision of the individual parts is chosen so that you no longer feel the edges, joints and cracks. The seatbelt locks also overstuffed.

The flame retardant foam can be removed if you want to clean the original VW T6 fabric cover.

The foam composite consists of three cold foam layers, which offer a very comfortable lying comfort.
The third layer, made of a special hard foam, also compensates for unevenness in the ground.

The folding bed also fits on all VW T6 / T5 Multivan, which are equipped with 3-seater bench and two swivel seats in the second row of seats. In these vehicles, only the backrests of the rotary seats are to fold completely forward.

Likewise, the iXTEND bed can also be used on vehicles with VW multiflexboards.

The iXTEND comes as standard with a mounting bracket for the head restraints of the bench seat back of the VW California Beach with 2-seater bench.

Two parts of the bed can be folded on the backrest and attached to the headrests. This creates a convenient storage of luggage on the rear cushion. As an accessible baby bed or as a tourist berth for the dog this is also usable.

Design: „Titanium Black“.

Made in Germany.

iXTEND sheets are perfect for the iXTEND folding bed.

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