Micropur tablets for water sterilization for 100 l

Water sterilization Micropur tablets for 100 l

contains 100 tablets


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Micropur tablets (MC 1T)

For water disinfection for 100 l

Micropur tablets help produce healthy water. In other words, the tablets are suitable for chlorine-free disinfection of water. It has also proven itself for the storage of drinking water (preserved for up to six months).

Micropur is absolutely tasteless and odorless and is part of the operational equipment of the military, aid organizations, etc. Micropur MC 1T is approved for use in drinking water. In higher doses, it is used to disinfect water tanks and containers for flushing water (toilets). Micropur MC 1T is suitable for use in plastic or glass. It must not be stored in containers made of aluminum or stainless steel.

Micropur disinfects within two hours and contains silver ions that kill all vegetative germs and pathogens. These include, for example, typhoid, paratyphoid, dysentery, colibacillosis and cholera.

Micropur cannot be used in cloudy or contaminated water. Amoebas, Shigella and schistosomiasis cannot be eliminated by Micropur.

The shelf life of Micropur is 10 years from the date of production.

Watch out:


Use biocidal products carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.
Very toxic to organisms in the water. This effect has a long-term effect.

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Micropur Tabletten (MC 1T) von Katadyn zur Wasserentkeimung für 100 Liter aus dem Brandrup-Sortiment - Wiest Online Shop für Vanequipment - Achtung: Biozidprodukte vorsichtig verwenden. Vor Gebrauch stets Etikett und Produktinformationen lesen. Sehr giftig für Organismen im Wasser. Dieser Effekt hat eine langfristige WirkungMicropur tablets for water sterilization for 100 l

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