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MULTIBOX for the left cab door in the VW T6 waste bin and / or insulated bag

Multibox for the left cab door in VW T6


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    Multibox insulated bag for the left driver’s cabin door in the VW T6

    Insulated and/or waste bin in “Leather Moonrock” design

    The elegant Multibox waste or insulated bag can be attached to all VW T6 cab doors. It is hung in the upper recess with hook and loop fastener and then secured at the bottom.

    The Multibox is also an insulated bag. A good insulation also allows leftovers to be stored temporarily in summer or when the heating is on. The insulated flap is located at the height of the seat. This makes it easy to open and close with one hand while driving. If you use the left seat in the California turned against the direction of travel, the multibox must be removed. The lower shelf remains accessible.

    A standard 20 liter rubbish bag can be hung inside. You can also stow the supply roll of bags underneath. A roll can be placed in the multibox and the first bag pulled up. Then the waste bag can be placed around the belt holders and fixed with 2 snaps.

    Another advantage of the box is that objects in the storage trough are better protected when the door is opened. The drinks compartment on the left is also always accessible when the door is closed.

    The volume of the box is approx. 3.66 liters.

    Design: “Leather Moonrock”
    Made in Germany

    The Multibox for the right cab door of the VW T6 can be found here.

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    MULTIBOX for the left cab door in the VW T6 waste bin and / or insulating bag in the design "Leather Moonrock"MULTIBOX for the left cab door in the VW T6 waste bin and / or insulated bag

    Availability: In stock