MULTIBOX for VW Grand California 600 and 680 for the left cab door


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MULTIBOX for VW Grand California 600 and 680 and VW Crafter from 2017
Suitable for the left door

MULTIBOX for VW Grand California 600 and 680, and VW Crafter from 2017

For the left cab door in the design: “Leather Palladium”

The Brandrup Multibox, which can be attached to the storage compartment in the left cab door of the VW Grand California and Crafter, is a first-class insulated container. The Multibox is the best solution if you need chilled drinks that are stored within easy reach while driving. But it’s not just perfect as an insulated bag. The good insulation enables food to be stored temporarily even in the heat in summer or while the auxiliary heating is in operation. Therefore, the Multibox is also ideal as a waste container.

The box also has an insulated flap with hook-and-looop-fastener. It can be opened and closed easily with just one hand. If the insulating bag is dirty from the inside, it can easily be removed from the door. This means that it can also be cleaned outside the vehicle and even washed out with a damp cloth.

Palladium leather design

Volume: approx.3.77 liters

Made in Germany

The matching multibox for the right vehicle door in Grand California and Craffter can be found here.

Brandrup offers a wide range of tailor-made articles for the VW Grand California 600 and 680. You can find the utility system for the Grand California here, which creates easily accessible storage space.



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