Original VW fly screen insert for the sliding window left / right for VW T5 / T6 / T6.1 until 09/2019


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Insert for left / right sliding window

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Original VW fly screen insert for VW VW T5 / T6 / T6.1

For the left/right sliding window for VW T5 / T6 / T6.1 up to 10/2019

With the original insert from VW for the sliding window on the right or left, insects have no chance. The fly screen for the VW T5 / T6 / T6.1 can be easily inserted into the frame of the sliding window. It can be moved in it so that it can also be partially opened as desired. This means that the window can be used as a hatch despite the grille attached. Since the grid is black, you can still see through the window.

The fly screen is suitable for use in both the left and the right sliding window. It can be easily inserted and removed by a single person. When inserted correctly, it can be easily moved left and right without resistance. However, it must not remain in the frame while driving.

The robust frame made of plastic and the sturdy grille together form a durable everyday helper.

Due to its small size, it can also be easily stowed (e.g. in the pop-up roof or under the rear grille) when it is not in use.

The VW fly screens are similar to the Flyout mosquito nets , which can be attached to the panel and remain attached.



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