Petromax Aramid Pro 300 pot holder with opening

A pair of round aramid pot holders with opening


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Petromax Aramid Pro 300 potholders with opening

Protection from flame and heat – ideal for grills and fireplaces

The Petromax Aramid Pro 300 pot holders with handle effectively protect hands and arms from burns. They are made of suede and aramid fibers and can withstand temperatures of up to 250°C. This makes barbecuing and cooking at the fireplace a safe pleasure, as hot lids can also be handled safely.

The rough leather ensures good grip. Prolonged contact with hot objects can change the surface of the leather. This does not affect the heat resistance of the gloves.

Only clean the potholders dry and with a soft brush. If they are damaged, they are no longer suitable for use.

Technical specifications

Outer material: suede
Inner material: Aramid fibers
Dimensions: 28.5 x 22.5 x 2.5 cm
Weight: 405.50 g
Not washable

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The Petromax Aramid pot holders t300-e for safe use of Dutch Ovens and pansPetromax Aramid Pro 300 pot holder with opening