Petromax ATAGO fireplace


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Atago fireplace

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Petromax Atago fireplace

Grill, oven, stove or fire bowl with stepless air supply and temperature control

The Petromax Atago is a versatile fireplace. It can be used as a grill with charcoal, briquettes or firewood. Without the grate, the Atago turns into a fire bowl, in which a cozy campfire can be created with firewood. When using a Petromax Dutch Oven placed in the Atago at the same time, it can be used like an oven.

Air supply and temperature can be infinitely adjusted with the Atago. Due to the completely open supply, rapid heating is possible. The fire pit is collapsible. When folded, it is only 15 cm high and is therefore very easy to stow away. It can be unfolded with just one hand.
The Atago also features a two-cylinder construction. As a result, the heat inside is optimally stored. The outer cylinder hardly heats up even when used for a long time.


Material: stainless steel
Height (unfolded): 28 cm
Height (folded): 15 cm
Works with: charcoal, briquettes, wood



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