Petromax care paste for cast iron


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Care paste for cast and wrought iron

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Petromax care paste for cast iron

Protective paste for seasoning and for maintaining the patina

Petromax pots and pans are pre-treated (seasoned finish). With the Petromax care paste, the patina on the cast iron is preserved for a long time and the pot works as desired. Even non-pretreated, cast-iron Dutch ovens can be seasoned with the paste.

The Petromax care product protects the surface of the iron from rust. Also, leftovers don’t stick as much. The paste is food safe and should be applied after each cooking process.

The paste consists of different oils. It is specially developed for use on cast iron and does not go rancid. Regular use will develop a high-quality patina over time. This further improves the cooking and roasting properties.

Made from pure natural products, the paste is food-safe, vegan and gluten-free. It should be stored in a dark, cool and closed place.


Ingredients: Paraffinum subliquidum Ph. Eur., native oil fractions, triglyceride oils, base oil blend with ionic liquid, color and weight additives.
Content: 250 ml (€51.96 / 1000 ml)
Weight: 226 g



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