Petromax Wrought Iron Skillet SP32

Wrought Iron Pan SP32


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Petromax Wrought Iron Pan SP32

Perfect for searing at fireplaces on a camping holiday

The Petromax Wrought Iron Skillet SP32 is suitable for use directly over the campfire or on the grill. It’s also great for use on the stove. The resistant material allows high temperatures to be reached. This makes it ideal for searing on the next camping adventure. Because of the robust design, it is a versatile and durable companion.

A sealing protective layer forms on the surface as soon as it is used for the first time. This patina will continue to develop with each use. This makes the pan darker and more robust.

The wrought-iron pans from Petromax heat up quickly, are easy to transport and are safe to hold thanks to the welded handle.

Petromax offers a wide range of care products for cast iron so that you can enjoy the pan for as long as possible.

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Petromax wrought-iron pan SP32 - Optimal for searing at fireplaces on camping holidays | Wiest online shop for campersPetromax Wrought Iron Skillet SP32