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Protective mat for rear cargo compartment VW T6 / T5 California (without Beach)

lower protective mat, rear cargo compartment


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Brandrup protective mat for the rear cargo area in the VW T6/T5 California (without beach)

Velours carpet – insert in the original VW design “Moonrock grey”

With the elegant and robust Brandrup mat for the rear cargo area of ​​the VW T5 / T6 California, the luggage no longer slides on the aluminum rails and is much quieter. The carpet is easy to lay in and can be conveniently cleaned outside the vehicle. Thanks to the velor quality, dirt and dust cannot penetrate deep into the carpet and can be easily vacuumed off. When using an awning, the mat can also be used as a large doormat in front of the sliding door.

The protective mat for the luggage compartment in the rear of the VW T6/T5 California Ocean, Coast, Comfortline is marked with 1) in the picture. It is kept in the original VW T6 design “Moonrock grey”, so that the optics of the VW T5 / T6 is not disturbed.

The elegant mat protects the surface of the rear cargo area from scratches and other damage. As a result, luggage and equipment stored in the rear cargo area are better protected. At the same time, the loading space of the is quieter. The velor carpet has a non-slip coating on the back. As a result, the load is less likely to slip around on it.

Design: Moonrock grey
Made in Germany

Other helpers to safely transport the load in the vehicle.

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Protective mat for right: Rear cargo area VW T6 / T5 California (without Beach), "Titanium black", protective mat for rear cargo area VW T6 / T5 California (without Beach), "Moonrock", Product No.:100708595Protective mat for rear cargo compartment VW T6 / T5 California (without Beach)

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