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Petromax scraper with grooves for grill pans

Groove scraper


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Petromax scraper with grooves

Scraper for grill pans and other cast iron with grooves

The Petromax scraper with grooves is the first choice for removing incrustations from cast iron. The rounding of the rim is precisely matched to the rounding of the pots and pans. The grooves fit exactly onto the grooves of the grill pan, burger iron and other cast iron with a grooved surface.

The scraper is food-safe, cleans thoroughly and protects the patina of the iron. It is heat-resistant up to 120°C and can therefore also be used with warm pans.

Using the scraper

Allow the pan or other cast-iron cooking equipment to cool down and soak the residue with warm water first. This loosens the first stubborn residues so that they can then be easily removed with the scraper. If in doubt, repeat this step if any residue remains. The practical grooves in the scraper allow you to get into the hard-to-reach areas of grooved surfaces.

Please do not use detergent when cleaning, as this will attack and destroy the protective patina, resulting in corrosion. Dry the cast-iron cookware well after cleaning and, if necessary, treat it with oil or Petromax care paste, for example.

Technical details

Material1 x 13 x 8 cm
DimensionsPolypropylene (PP), food-safe
Heat resistant up to120°C
Weightapprox. 42g

Item number: OS-Z

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Petromax Scraper with grooves for grill pans or burger ironPetromax scraper with grooves for grill pans