Set: Fresh ventilator VW T4 for driver and passenger windows


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Fresh ventilator (pair), ventilation insert for VW T4

Set for driver and passenger window

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Fresh ventilation for VW T4 for driver and passenger windows

Set for both windows in the cab

The VW T4 fresh air vents for the driver’s and front passenger’s windows are easy to attach. They offer the possibility of ventilating the vehicle even though it is closed.

The window pane is opened for attachment. Then the fresh air vent is inserted into the window frame and the pane is cranked up again. In vehicles with electric window lifters, the window is held just before it engages in the fresh air vent. Then it is booted up abruptly (press the switch briefly several times).
Thanks to the Brandrup ventilation system, rainwater cannot penetrate the vehicle.

The fresh air fans must always be removed while driving.

Scope of delivery: Two fresh air vents (right and left) with integrated mosquito net.

Other practical helpers in the field of ventilation can be found here.



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