(138€/L) Sika adhesive cleaner 205 (workshop quantity for approx. 30 attachments)


Includes 19% VAT
(146,00  / 1 L)
Delivery Time: 2 weeks

250 ml Sika Adhesive Cleaner 205

workshop quantity for approx. 30 TOP-RAIL

Sika adhesive cleaner 205 for the pretreatment of adhesive surfaces

Workshop quantity for approx. 30 top rail assemblies

The TOP-RAIL rain gutter is also a BRANDRUP development and in 1992 was the first system for vehicles without a serial rain gutter on the world market. Only the Sikaflex adhesive, primer and Sika cleaner shown is permitted for gluing the TOP-RAIL to the vehicles.

Complex benefits as well as the advantages of the TOP-RAIL have not been surpassed by any other product to this day.
The elegant, perfect and proven rain gutter, awning and awning attachment are available for the VW T6 / T5 as well as for the VW T4.

This means that other adhesives must not be used.

The subsurface must be free of grease, dust and other impurities in order to attach the Top-Rail rain gutter.

Other top rail products for the VW T5 / T6 can be found here.

The top-rail products suitable for the VW T4 can be found here.



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