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TIALO Phone – cell phone holder for the driver’s cab of the VW T6.1

Tialo storage system


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Brandrup Tialo Phone mobile phone holder for the cab of the VW T6.1

The shelf for safely transporting two phones

The TIALO from Brandrup is suitable for all VW T6.1 models that do not have the “Comfort” interface with inductive charging function. The TIALO is a practical shelf for telephones, glasses, cloths, etc. It offers space for up to two cell phones, which can be safely stored and quickly accessed while driving.

Cell phones can also be conveniently stored in the Tialo while charging. The connection is made with the original cell phone cables to the existing USB sockets. Even longer cables can be easily managed with the TIALO because an integrated strap can hold them. This makes it quick and easy to tidy up your vehicle.

The TIALO mobile phone bag is attached tightly to the middle console in the driver’s cab using a loop strap specially developed by Brandrup. There is a piece of hook strap on the bag. If the bag is not to be used, it can easily be removed again. Cleaning is also child’s play thanks to the practical design.

Design: “Leather titanium black”
Made in Germany

The chic faux leather creates a cozy atmosphere in the vehicle. The Utility range is ideal for more storage space, as it is also designed specifically for the VW models.

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Car model

VW T6.1


titanium black



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The Tialo mobile phone holder from Brandrup for the safe transport of two mobile phones in the VW T6.1 - Wiest Shop for camper and van equipmentTIALO Phone – cell phone holder for the driver’s cab of the VW T6.1