UTILITY bags for California Coast wardrobe, Comfortline, Trendline, Ocean VW T6


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Two pockets for wardrobe middle for vehicles without iXTEND PAD

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Brandrup UTILITY bags for the wardrobe in the VW T6 California

Storage space for the models Ocean, Coast, Comfortline, Trendline

Brandrup Utility is intended for attachment between the doors in the middle of the wardrobe in the VW T6 California. The bag is optimal if the rear of the vehicle is used for sleeping. The Mid Wardrobe Utility is specifically designed for vehicles where the rear grille is in the down position when sleeping. On vehicles where the Brandrup iXTEND PAD another utility is appropriate.

With its two spacious bags, the utility for the VW T6 California Coast offers additional usable and easily accessible storage space. Luggage or toys are easy to stow away and don’t roll around in the interior. Because of the original VW design “Visitamo Leather Moonrock”, the bag fits perfectly into the look of the vehicle.

The Brandrup utility bags for the wardrobe can even be wiped with a damp cloth because they are robust and easy to care for. They are easy to attach. Because they are attached with hook and loop fastener, they can be removed at any time and cleaned outside the vehicle. The side with loop tape is self-adhesive.

Design: “Visitamo Leather Moonrock”
Made in Germany

The smaller version of these bags for vehicles with Ixtend Pad can be found here.

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