UTILITY bags for wardrobe middle VW T4 California Coach


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Storage pockets for quick access

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UTILITY for the middle wardrobe in the VW T4 California Coach

Additional storage space in the design: “Moonrock Grey”

The Brandrup Utility is especially developed for attachment to the VW T4 California wardrobe. The original utility for all VW T4 California models in the T6 design is very spacious and therefore offers plenty of storage space within easy reach. Due to the good space allocation, there is always order in the vehicle. Even the seat belt can be stowed in the top pocket!

The attachment is very easy. Utilities are attached to the furniture with snaps and Velcro. The included fleece for the furniture side is self-adhesive. As a result, the utility is well secured while driving and the luggage is well protected because it cannot slip. However, it is easy to remove and clean.

The original Utility can be installed in all VW T4 California models. The chic original VW design “Moonrock Grey” creates a noble, homely and appealing atmosphere in the vehicle. Because objects no longer have to be lying around loosely, the system increases driving comfort considerably.

Design: “Moonrock Grey”.

Made in Germany.

Scope of delivery: Brandrup Utility for the wardrobe, with a total of 5 spacious pockets.

The Brandrup Utility range offers optimal solutions for gaining storage space in VW campers and vans. The models suitable for the VW T4 in the Moonrock and Palladium designs can be found here.



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