UTILITY for the storage cabinet in the VW T6.1 California Beach with a 2-seater bench


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storage cupboard

UTILITY for VW T6.1 California Beach with 2-seater bench

Bag for attachment to the storage cupboard (rear or bow) in the design “Leather Titanium Black”

The Brandrup utility bag for the storage cupboard in the VW T6.1 California Beach is identical to the bag for the shower in the VW T6.1 / T6 / T5 California. It is one-piece and also washable inside. A standard garbage bag (20 liters) can be attached inside. This means that the hand shower with shower hose in the bag is immediately ready to hand and stored safely and dry. The lower compartment of the wardrobe no longer needs to be cleared out when it is needed. This means that the shower can no longer drip into the cabinet.

The utility for the rear of the wardrobe is quickly accessible even with the FLYOUT mosquito net installed for the rear flap. In the new flyout for the tailgate, a small zippered door allows easy access to the utility and the optional shower socket.

Utilities also offer usable, easily accessible storage space. Their elegant design creates an elegant, homely atmosphere. The Utility system creates a huge gain in storage space. In addition, nothing can roll around in the vehicle. The Brandrup Utility shower bag has a hook and loop fastener on the flap.

It is also attached to the rear of the wardrobe with hook and loop fasteners. This means that all utilities can be easily removed from the vehicle and cleaned outside. The utility bags in the design “Leather Titanium Black” are made from the particularly high-quality and easy-care original VW synthetic leather. Therefore, they are very robust and can also be wiped off with a damp cloth.

Scope of delivery: The Brandrup Utility bag for the storage front or rear, with the necessary fastenings

Design: “Leather Titanium Black”.

Made in Germany.

You can find other bags in the matching design here.



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