Velor carpet for cab VW T6 left-hand drive, one-piece


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Velor carpet for the cab for left-hand drive vehicles

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Velours carpet for cab VW T6 left-hand drive

one piece, with clip attachment

The velor carpet for the cab of the left-hand drive VW T6 vehicles has step protection over the left wheel housing.

The driver’s cabin carpet is processed in one piece so that the entire floor area of ​​the driver’s cabin and the passageway are protected. The floor carpet is a perfect fit. It is very hard-wearing and particularly easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner. Sand, clods of earth and dust cannot penetrate deep into the carpets. If the carpets need to be cleaned, they can be taken out of the vehicle.
All velor carpets also have a non-slip coating on the underside.

The driver’s cabin carpets fit in all VW T6 models with two individual seats in the driver’s cabin.

Design: “Moonrock”.
Made in Germany.

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