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Velor carpet for rear cargo area VW T6 / T5 California (without Beach) protective mat for rear cargo area on the left

Protective mat for the wardrobe side


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    Brandrup carpet for load compartment of VW T6 / T5 California (without beach)

    Left (2) cargo space carpet (velor) by Brandrup in the design “titanium black”

    The Brandrup carpet for the cargo area on the left is a perfect fit for the VW T6 / T5 California (without Beach). It can be inserted very easily and removed from the vehicle for cleaning. It is attached using self-adhesive hook and loop fastener tape that is attached to the cladding.

    With the elegant and robust velor carpet for the rear cargo area, the luggage no longer slides on the aluminum rails and is much quieter. The noble protective mat protects the surface from scratches, dents and other damage. This means that luggage is better protected. At the same time, the cargo area of ​​the is quieter while driving.

    The Brandrup carpet for the passenger compartment and the one for the cargo area are flush with each other in the VW T6.1. This not only makes the vehicle look more homely, it also makes the floor much easier to clean. A particularly quick and optimal cleaning can be achieved with a vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush.

    The mat is marked with 2) in the picture. On the VW T6 / T5 California Ocean, Coast or Comfortline, the mats for the left side and the middle are different. The middle velor carpet for the VW T6 / T5 rear cargo area (1) and the velor carpet for the right-hand side (wardrobe) (3) are optionally available.

    The material of the carpet corresponds to the original material of the California and Multivan floor carpets. Velor carpets do not change the design of the vehicle. In addition, they are equipped with a rubberized and therefore non-slip back. This also insulates the noise better while driving.

    Design: “Titanium Black”.

    Made in Germany

    You can find other carpets for the VW T6 / T5 California (without Beach) in titanium black design here.

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    Car model

    VW T6, VW T5

    Vehicle version

    California Coast, California Ocean


    titanium black


    Velor carpets

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    Brandrup Teppich (Velours ) für Laderaum des VW T6.1 California (ohne Beach) im Design "Titanschwarz" - Wiest Online Shop für Zubehör - 100708639Velor carpet for rear cargo area VW T6 / T5 California (without Beach) protective mat for rear cargo area on the left