Ventilation insert on the left with grille for fly protection in the VW Caddy 5 / California


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Ventilation grille insert

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VW insert on the left with grille for ventilation in the VW Caddy 5 / California

Fly protection and ventilation insert for the VW Caddy

The original VW insert for the driver’s cab window on the left of the Caddy 5 / California offers the best insect protection and at the same time enables the vehicle to be ventilated. Since this is an original Volkswagen product, the accuracy of fit of the item is guaranteed. The ventilation insert is satin black in color. As a result, it fits perfectly into the design of the vehicle, regardless of the paint color.

The insert sits firmly on the disc when it is cranked up. As a result, the vehicle is still closed all round even with the ventilation system in place, thus preventing outside penetration. It can be installed very easily in a flash and just as easily removed again. The insert must be removed while driving. It can be folded in the middle and can therefore be stowed anywhere in the vehicle. Due to the stable construction, no special care is required when storing.

The VW Caddy insert for the right side is also available in the shop. In addition, the VW ventilation inserts also go perfectly with the Isolites for the driver’s cab windows from Brandrup, with which a precisely fitting darkening is available despite the ventilation inserts.

Scope of delivery: Ventilation grille insert for the left window in the driver’s cab



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