MULTIBOX for VW T5 Cabin Door Insulated bag and / or waste bin


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MULTIBOX for doors of the VW T5

Multibox for the door in the VW T5 cab, ideal as an insulated bag and / or litter bin in the design “Titanium Black”

The elegant Multibox VW T5 can be attached to any VW T5 door in the cab. For this purpose, the Multibox is hung in the upper storage recess with hook-and-loop fastener and secured at the bottom.

Inside, a standard 20 liter waste bag can be hung with or without a handle. The supply roll can then be stowed underneath. The box has a total volume of about 4.24 liters.

The Multibox is also an insulated container. The good insulation also allows the storage of food scraps in the summer or during operation of the auxiliary heater. The flap with hook-and-loop fastener is also insulating. It is located at the height of the seat and is easy to open and close while driving with one hand.

The Multibox is suitable for attachment to both cab doors and can be used while driving or while stationary.

If you use the left cab seat (California) turned in the opposite direction, you have to remove the Multibox. There is plenty of room for the right-hand swivel seat and for the cab seats of all other T5 models.

The lower storage trough remains accessible. When the door is open, you can fold up the Multibox.

Another advantage: objects are better protected in the storage recess when opening the door.

The drinks compartment on the left is always accessible even when the door is closed.

The Multibox for the cab doors is also available in Design Leather Moonrock.

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