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Advantages hard shell roof tents

Hard shell roof tents are becoming increasingly popular because they are particularly quick to set up and take down. They are particularly interesting for very spontaneous campers who like to change their pitch or are on the move at short notice. The hard-shell roof tent scores particularly well in wet weather due to the small tent fabric area. Due to the small wet area, the roof tent dries out particularly quickly and is ready for use again.

All the advantages of the hard shell roof tents at a glance:

  • Quick assembly and disassembly in only 1-2 minutes
  • More protection from the weather thanks to a solid roof
  • Better insulation due to fabric-covered lid, especially at low temperatures
  • Faster drying due to small tent fabric area
  • Can be dismantled when wet without affecting the interior
  • Storage options inside, some flat objects can also be transported inside or on top of the tent
  • Sometimes the possibility of attaching additional equipment to a roof rail – e.g. canoe or bicycle
  • In some cases, the possibility of mounting solar panels on the roof, which function both in the open and closed state
  • Smaller footprint required as the roof tent does not or only insignificantly protrude above the car
  • Hardtop offers particularly high protection against damage from hanging branches or the like
  • Less susceptible to wind due to the compact design
  • Visually attractive: hard-sided roof tents look like a normal roof box when closed.
  • Ladder is only optionally necessary, as it is not needed to support the tent

A hard shell rooftop tent is the right choice when:

  • The roof tent is to be used frequently and especially spontaneously
  • The roof tent is to be set up and dismantled frequently, due to frequent changes of location.
  • The roof tent should be quickly ready for use
  • The roof tent is often to be used in damp or cool areas
  • The roof tent should need little time to dry
  • The roof tent is to be loaded with additional equipment such as solar panels or sports equipment
  • The roof tent should provide space for a maximum of 2 people

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