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BDV Duo / Solo Wedge roof tent

from 3.490,00 €

The roof tent for real outdoor fans – made from sustainable materials

You will find the BDV Duo in our exhibition in Darmstadt!

BDV: Arrive, open – relax in just 15 seconds

Get out of the daily grind, into nature! No corner of this earth is too remote for you, in the rugged nature you feel most comfortable? Axe and kayak are always with you on holiday? Then the iKamper BDV is exactly the right roof tent for you.

Thanks to the sturdy wedge shape, the BDV can withstand even the most adverse weather conditions. In addition, iKamper offers many well thought-out extensions for the robust hard-shell roof tent: For example, you can transport not only your sports equipment, but also all your outdoor gear on an externally mounted railing.

Despite this, the power pack is super flat at just under 20 cm when closed. Setting up the Wedge roof tent is as easy as usual and done in a few seconds.

Two variants for every adventure

In the larger roof tent version, you can set off on your adventure as a couple – in the BDV Duo there is enough space for two people. If you prefer to travel alone, you are ideally equipped with the BDV Solo. The narrow footprint of the BDV Solo makes it possible to transport a kayak on the roof in addition to the roof tent, for example. The equipment is identical for both tents.


BDV Solo

The main features at a glance

Axe holder

The roof tent can be equipped with additional brackets on the outer railing, which allow you to attach all your outdoor equipment such as axes or grip mats to the outside of the tent. These extensions open up completely new possibilities on holiday!

Solar panels

The roof of the hard shell not only allows you to transport additional equipment or your sports gear, it also gives you the option to install solar panels and thus camp completely self-sufficiently in the remotest places on earth.

Panoramic windows

Extra-wide windows and a large entrance ensure that you have a clear view of the surroundings. Enjoy the feeling of boundless freedom, plenty of fresh air and spectacular views by day and night. The tent openings can be closed with mosquito nets and the windows additionally with clear windows. A rainfly offers additional protection in case of rain.


At just under 20 cm, the BDV is only half as thick as most other roof tents. Parking your car with the roof tent in the underground garage is no problem with the BDV in most cases.


It doesn’t get much faster than this: the roof tent is ready for use in just 15 seconds. As soon as the snap locks are open, all you have to do is lift the lid of the BDV slightly and the tent erects itself. Just position the ladder, mount the tension poles for the Rainfly at the entrance and the holiday can begin.

Detachable ladder

The practical luter can be detached in one easy step and transported in the car. This saves approx. 6 kg of weight with a tight roof load.

Made for any adventure

The BDV is designed to accompany you on any adventure. Attachment rails, which can be mounted as extensions on the outside of the sides of the BDV, are perfect for attaching your outdoor equipment such as axes, grip mats or other gear.

On which cars does the BDV Duo and the BDV Solo fit?

The roof tent can be mounted on almost any vehicle that has a dynamic roof load of at least 58 / 75 kg. You only need two crossbars/load carriers. The roof tent is then attached to the cross struts/load carriers using the enclosed materials. We do not recommend mounting directly on a roof rail, as the distance to the roof is very small and the screws used could cause scratches. You therefore need cross struts/load carriers even with a roof rail.

We are happy to offer you suitable carriers for your vehicle directly at the time of purchase.

What is the minimum roof load required for the BDV Duo / BDV Solo?

For most vehicles, the roof load is between 75 – 100 kg. However, this specification refers to the load during driving. When stationary, the weight acting on the roof may be significantly higher. The load with persons can therefore be higher than the actual roof load of the vehicle.

Technical details of the BDV roof tents

Dimensions closed142 x 229 x 19 cm (B x L x H)107 x 229 x 19 cm (B x L x H)
Dimensions open142 x 270 x 146 cm (B x L x H)107 x 270 x 146 cm (B x L x H)
Sleeping surface135 x 212 cm (B x L)96 x 212 cm (B x L)
Ladder211 cm; extendable by 30 cm211 cm; extendable by 30 cm
Total weightapprox. 71 kg; ladder (6 kg) detachableapprox. 56 kg; ladder (6 kg) detachable
Load capacity tent410 kg410 kg
Load capacity ladder150 kg150 kg
Required car roof loadmin. 75 kgmin. 58 kg

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Overview of features
  • Side frame for attaching your outdoor equipment
  • Deck plate with railing on which sports equipment can be transported or a solar panel installed.
  • black pigment coating for best opacity.
  • Tent fabric complies with the Oeko-Tex 100 class 1 standard, is waterproof and breathable
Technical specifications of BDV Duo
Technical specifications of BDV Solo

Matching accessories for the BDV

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