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X-Cover 2.0

from 3.980,00 €

The X-Cover 2.0 combines the quality and durability of a hard shell with the lightness and functionality of a soft shell. It offers enough space for 4 people and is equipped with a crossbar for attaching additional equipment.

You will find the X-Cover 2.0 in our exhibition in Darmstadt!

X-Cover 2.0: The lightweight with extra space

Conventional, bulky cover covers are a bit of a sporting challenge, especially on tall vehicles. The new, patented cover only closes the necessary area on the sides between the waterproof floor and the lid. The fabric cover is firmly integrated and is closed with a sturdy, waterproof zip. At only 65 kg, the iKamper X-Cover 2.0 is an absolute lightweight among roof tents despite its size. It is therefore also suitable for smaller vehicles.

Tip: This roof tent is particularly interesting for anyone whose trailer coupling is already occupied by a boat trailer, horse trailer or similar.

Roof tent and rack in one

The special feature of the iKamper X-Cover 2.0 is the possibility to use the roof tent as a roof rack at the same time: Equipped with two crossbars, bicycles or kayaks can be easily transported on the roof of the tent. The extension opens up completely new possibilities on holiday!

Maximum comfort for 3-4 people

The huge king-size bed offers space for a whole family. When open, the tent measures 307 x 287 cm. The super-comfortable and thick premium mattress ensures a pleasant night’s sleep.

If that’s not enough, you can create another large living space with an additional sleeping cabin with the optional Annexe Plus tent. And the best part? The add-on tent can even remain standing when the vehicle is being moved.

Panoramic view included

To enjoy the view from a lofty height, the X-Cover roof tent has large windows all around. All of them are equipped with a very fine, robust mosquito net, a weather protection that can be closed from the inside and special canopies that allow ventilation even in heavy rain. Unique are the 2 panoramic roof windows, which allow a view of the stars at night or illuminate the tent during the day. For late sleepers, the roof windows naturally have a fabric layer that can be closed from the inside.

The main features at a glance

iKamper X-Cover 2.0 roof tent mounted with canoe

Integrated crossbars for more load

Thanks to the integrated crossbars, additional cargo can be easily transported on the roof. This means that bicycles or larger sports equipment can also be transported despite the roof tent.

Easy to use mounting brackets

Compatible with a wide range of crossbars, the mounting brackets ensure easy installation without having to reach under the roof tent.

iKamper X-Cover 2.0 Roof Tent Interior Bed

Spacious interior

The interior has a size of a remarkable 307 cm. The large panorama window lets plenty of light into the living space and opens up a view of the starry sky at night. The large side windows ensure perfect ventilation.

iKamper X-Cover 2.0 Roof Tent Window

Covered windows

The innovative, curved window design makes it easy to stretch and set up the rain cover from inside the X-Cover 2.0. This means you are optimally protected even in the event of surprising downpours.

Patented closing mechanism

Thanks to the special mechanism, the cover can be opened and released in just a few steps. The cover remains on the tent the whole time and does not have to be removed.

iKamper X-Cover 2.0 Roof Tent Hinges

Reinforced hinges

The new reinforced hinges with more stainless steel and fewer moving parts provide even more stability in the tent.

Removable comfort ladder

The ladder is simply removed from the X-Cover 2.0 and can be transported either in the roof tent or – especially if the car roof load is tight – in the vehicle.

The steps are slightly angled, which increases comfort when stepping on.

Fibreglass Rocky Black

The cover of the X-Cover 2.0 is made of a fibreglass plate and features the popular Rocky Black “Linex” textured coating.

Wind deflector

The wind deflector improves the overall appearance of the roof tent on the vehicle and reduces wind noise by minimising flow resistance.

Material of the X-Cover 2.0 roof tent

The tent fabric consists of a very high-quality 300 g blended fabric, also known as canvas. The fibre is a fabric work of art made of cotton and polyester and combines the advantages of a natural fibre with those of a modern high-tech material. The result is a strong, breathable fabric with a pleasant feel and great shape retention.

The tent fabric, which is also used by the military, is impregnated and extra tear-resistant. All seams are made with special thread that expands after the first contact with water and seals any seam holes.

The floor of the iKamper X-Cover 2.0 roof tent is made of aluminium honeycomb panels. This material offers unprecedented stability and is also very light. It is fireproof, environmentally friendly (as it is fully recyclable) and provides an additional insulation layer to the sleeping area of the tent.

Installation in just a few steps

The roof tent is delivered on a pallet by freight forwarder. All material for mounting the roof tent on existing standard carriers is included. As a rule, two people are required for assembly.

Before first use, a few assembly steps must be carried out, depending on the orientation of the roof tent on the vehicle. For disassembly, only a few screws need to be loosened later. After that, the roof tent can be lifted off the roof rack and stored.

On which cars does the X-Cover 2.0 roof tent fit?

The roof tent can be mounted on almost any vehicle that has a dynamic roof load of at least 60 or 75 kg. You only need two crossbars/load carriers. The roof tent is then attached to the cross struts/load carriers using the enclosed materials. We do not recommend mounting directly on a roof rail, as the distance to the roof is very small and the screws used could cause scratches. You therefore need cross struts/load carriers even with a roof rail.

We are happy to offer you suitable carriers for your vehicle directly at the time of purchase.

What is the minimum roof load required for the X-Cover 2.0 roof tent?

The X-Cover requires a minimum roof load of 70kg. For most vehicles, the roof load is between 75 – 100 kg. However, this specification refers to the load during driving. When stationary, the weight acting on the roof may be significantly higher. The load with persons can therefore be higher than the actual roof load of the vehicle.

Technical details of the X-Cover 2.0

iKamper X-Cover 2.0
Dimensions closed118 x 193 x 31 cm (B x L x H)
Dimensions open257 x 193 x 124 cm (B x L x H)
Sleeping surface175 x 227 cm (B x L)
Ladder211 cm (um 30 cm erweiterbar)
Total weightca. 68 kg
Load capacity tent408 kg
Ladder load capacity150 kg
Required car roof loadmin. 70 kg
Max. weight X-cover carrier30 kg

Request your individual offer now and experience the fascination of X-Cover 2.0

Quality and innovation

Patented 4-person roof tent with crossbars for equipment

Set up in a few minutes

Thanks to the easy assembly and disassembly of the X-Cover roof tent, there is more time to make the most of the weekend.

Room for additional equipment

The innovative design combines a roof tent with cargo racks – more space for bikes, skis, kayaks and everything else you need for your next adventure.

Spacious lightweight

At 65 kg, the iKamper X-Cover is an absolute lightweight among roof tents despite its size. It is therefore also suitable for smaller vehicles.

Learn more

Overview of features
  • 3-Minute Set Up
  • 65 kg lightweight roof tent
  • 4 person roof tent
  • King-size polyfoam mattress for up to 4 people
  • 2 aluminium crossbars with a load capacity of 30 kg (65 lbs)
  • Thick, durable and breathable tent fabric
  • Wind resistant and quieter than other family roof tents
  • Quilted, insulated lining for more warmth and less condensation
  • High-performance aluminium base plates with honeycomb structure (tested with 1.8 tonnes load!)
  • Newly designed telescopic ladder with angled steps for safety and comfort
  • Waterproof zips
  • Rain cover for extra protection
  • Double skyview windows for extra light during the day and stars at night
  • 2-layer canopy windows for versatility and air circulation
  • Certifications according to the highest international standards (ISO 9001 quality management and ISO 14001 environmental management)
  • Universal mounting system fits most vehicles and crossbars
  • Customisable with accessories

Technical specifications

Suitable accessories for the X-Cover 2.0

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