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BRANDRUP® articles

The BRANDRUP® Products for VW Camper and Vans

Brandrup is the manufacturer of products in the field of camper and van equipment for VW vehicles. Since the company was founded in 1985, it has continuously developed its products and adapted them to existing and new vehicle types. With this wealth of experience, Brandrup has succeeded in developing and offering a large number of precisely fitting products of the highest quality for the VW Camper.

The range of products is impressive. FLYOUT, ISOLITE® and iXTEND® are known among campers all over the world. It is possible to adapt the series vehicles to the individual needs of the owners with these products.

Thanks to constant tests during and after production, only the highest quality products are on the market. Many products are manufactured in Germany in compliance with the strict applicable regulations and guidelines. In this way, the high level of accuracy of fit and quality is always guaranteed.

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