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VW T6.1/T6/T5 Beach/Multivan

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iXTEND fitted sheet for VW T6.1 / T6 / T5 Calilfornia Beach / Multivan

Specially made by Brandrup for the mattresses in the rear

Everything stays in place with the iXTEND fitted sheet for VW T6.1 / T6 / T5 California Beach / Multivan. The sheets from BRANDRUP offer a secure hold for a restful night.

The lying surface in the camper is not a perfect rectangle in one size. The bed sheets for the camper must also fit exactly on surfaces with corners, curves and gaps. In addition, the sleeping place must be able to move quickly and easily in the morning. Even in extreme weather, the fabric should enable comfortable sleep. This places high demands on the design of the bed sheets.

The iXTEND fitted sheets meet these requirements. Brandrup has designed the matching bed sheets.

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