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Brandrup FLEXBAG Cargo is a bag to be attached to the original VW T6.1 /  T6 / T5 rear luggage rack. It offers a very stable attachment with 3 rot-proof polyester straps. Thanks to the self-locking aluminum clamp locks and a sixfold, particularly stable, lateral attachment, the luggage is well protected.

Loading is easy because a large opening can be created with a concealed zip. Due to its low weight and because the FLEXBAG Cargo from Brandrup is foldable, the bag is the ideal companion when traveling. It can also be washed inside and is suitable for transporting dirty sports equipment.

The sensitivity to cross winds is not unnecessarily increased with the Flexbag. If the bag is not fully loaded, the empty part can be rolled up. This means that your luggage is always optimally secured.

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