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foldable beds

Restful sleep for VW models: foldable bed when camping

How you lie in bed is how you lie. This is especially true for the bed when camping. It becomes comfortable when high quality and clever construction come together to make optimal use of the available space – like with the iXTEND foldable bed from BRANDRUP for VW.

With a motorhome or camper you have a bed for camping with you. However, there remains a compromise between mobility and living in a small space. It’s good when space-saving solutions are available. It’s better if they can easily and quickly create a sleeping space out of the living room. Ideal if it is also comfortable.

The iXtend bed system from BRANDRUP offers such a solution. You can find a huge selection of other space-saving solutions for camping in this online shop and sale area as well as in our EBAY Shop!!

Brandrup iXTEND Faltbett für VW T6.1 Multivan und Beach mit waschbarem Bezug im Design:

The advantages of iXTEND as a bed when camping

✔️ Perfect fit
✔️ Comfortable
✔️ Practical
✔️ Versatile

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Buying a folding bed: what to pay attention to?

A foldable bed is a practical solution for camping in a motorhome or camper. What points should you pay particular attention to if you want to buy a folding bed?

  • Point 1: Accuracy of fit. After all, no space should be wasted.
  • Point 2: Convenience. A construction made of several layers of cold foam like the iXTEND folding bed from BRANDRUP is ideal – for safety reasons made of flame-retardant automotive-standard foam. The bottom layer pads the divisions of the bench seats and seat belt buckles. Additional layers absorb the sleeper’s weight and support the body.
  • Point 3: Practicality. Apart from the fact that the cover should be removable and washable, the most important thing is that it can be set up and dismantled quickly and stored in a space-saving, safe manner. The clever design of the foldable iXTEND beds not only makes this possible. It can also be used in a variety of ways while storing it while camping.

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Bed in the motorhome: how does it work?

The benches actually provide a bed in the motorhome. Push, turn, add stools or a table, extend through the rear grille on the VW. Such a bed only becomes really comfortable when camping with the iXTEND folding bed from BRANDRUP. It can be stored on the rear grille during the day. In the evening the bed is pulled over the seat with one hand and tidied up again in the morning. This is how comfortable sleeping works when camping.

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Camping bed for children: safety first!

The bed when camping seems bigger even if you are smaller. If the bed is not secured while camping, injuries from falls can quickly occur. A camping bed for children can be constructed quickly and safely with the iXTEND folding bed from BRANDRUP. When stored on the Multiflexboard/rear grille, two parts can be folded onto the backrests of the rear seat and secured there with the standard straps. This creates a safe place for small children or an easily accessible changing table in no time. Dogs also enjoy the comfortable travel space.
iXTEND Spannbettlaken für das Bett im Volkswagen Grand California 600, 3-tlg., Single-Jersey

iXTEND foldable bed: Ideal bed for camping with VW campmobile

  • For VW T6.1/T6/T5 California Ocean, Coast and Comfortline
  • For VW T6.1/T6/T5 California Beach and Multivan
  • Allround version on VW T6.1/T6 California Ocean/Coast and VW T5 California Comfortline when using the bed extension in the lower position and over the original standard rear cushion, on the VW T5 California Comfortline with iXTEND PAD also in the upper position
  • High Comfort version exclusively for the VW T6 California Ocean/Coast and only together with the iXTEND PAD with the bed extension in the upper position

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