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VW Grand California

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Second Skin seat covers for the VW Grand California

In the original VW Grand California design “Valley Palladium”

With the BRANDRUP Second Skin seat covers, your VW Grand California will remain in its original, exclusive design.
The covers are indistinguishable from the original in terms of appearance and fit. The fit is so good that you can hardly see any differences to the serial fabric. They are made from the original VW fabrics. So everything fits together optically and the coordinated design of the vehicle is not disturbed by the seat covers. The other products, such as the Brandrup velor carpets for the VW Grand California, also fit perfectly into the vehicle design.

At the same time, you achieve protection for the seats and their upholstery. The protective cover also serves to preserve the value. The actual upholstery stays clean thanks to the protective covers. So you can enjoy your Grand California for a long time.

Second Skin – Made from the original VW Grand California fabric

All seat covers correspond to the current VW Grand California “Valley Palladium” design. They are made from original VW fabrics and come complete with armrest and headrest covers.

The high-quality material can be washed in the wool program. Even with the covers attached, the seat must retain its full functionality. This applies to adjusting the height and inclination of the backrest or the swivel function of the seats in the driver’s cab as well as to reaching bags and other storage space.

There is also the option of optimizing the storage space with the Brandrup System Utility for the VW Grand California.

Constantly tested quality

The tear seams for the side airbags on the seats in the driver’s cab are sewn using a computer-controlled sewing machine. This ensures that every seam is secure. The seams have the same manufacturing values ​​as the specimens approved by VW.

These tests are not required by law. For the safety of the customers, Brandrup voluntarily subjects the Second Skin covers to the same strict tests that apply to serial car seat covers from VW.

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