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Grand California

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Brandrup velor carpet for the VW Grand California

Dirt and sand no longer stand a chance

With the Brandrup velor carpet for the VW Grand California, the vehicle is always quickly cleaned. A non-slip underside also ensures more safety. Thanks to a precise fit and easy attachment, the mats can be quickly removed and replaced.

The floor carpets in the original VW velor quality and the VW colors are an absolutely perfect fit, very hard-wearing and particularly easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner. With the elegant and robust carpet, the luggage slips less and is much quieter.

The velor carpets from BRANDRUP ensure cleanliness and a tidy feeling in the interior. If dirt and dust are carried in, they remain on the surface of the velor carpets and can be easily vacuumed off. A cordless vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush also picks up animal hair that gets stuck in other surfaces. Thanks to the clip or rail, the multi-part velor carpets can be quickly removed individually, shaken out and reattached. The exact fit of the flush-fitting velor carpets makes work easier.

Brandrup velor carpets help to maintain the value of the vehicle

The carpets are very robust and prevent damage to the vehicle. This keeps the original carpet as new. An important contribution to maintaining the value of the vehicle.

In vehicles with multifunctional equipment, the carpets do not affect the functionality. Even with the extra height on the floor, seats and benches can be adjusted, rotated or moved. Everything works smoothly with BRANDRUP velor carpets. The floor area is optimally protected thanks to the precisely fitting shape and the flush closure of the individual parts.

The useful Second Skin protective covers for the seats in the VW Grand California are also value-preserving protection.

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