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Utility storage for the VW Grand California

Practical storage space system for more space and order

The UTILITY storage space system for the VW Grand California creates space in the vehicle without wasting any. The Brandrup UTILITIES are intended for areas that would otherwise remain unused. On the seats, in the doors, on the outside of the storage cupboard, etc.

It is always ensured that the function of all vehicle parts is not impaired and that there is unhindered access to both the bags and adjacent facilities such as the closet.

The UTILITY bags for the camper are very versatile and fill the spaces provided for them optimally. This makes it easy to create order with the flexible system.

Utilities ensure more security

The utilities also ensure greater safety while driving. Through various elements such as insulation, shock absorption, loops and hooks, Utility offers useful functions such as cooling, protection and fixation of the stored items.
For vertical surfaces, attachment is quick and easy with hook and loop fastener, hooks and straps.

The UTILITY bags for the VW Grand California are made from high-quality, easy-care VW materials in the Palladium leather design. As a result, the storage space system can be wiped with a damp cloth and blends seamlessly into the vehicle’s original furnishings. Attached to the otherwise unused areas, the system blends inconspicuously into the facility. The storage space becomes part of the design.

The utilities can also be combined particularly well with the second skin seat covers for the VW Grand California, which also blend in very well with the vehicle design.

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