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iXTEND beds

Brandrup iXTEND sleeping bed, pads and sheets

Comfortable solutions even for small spaces

The Brandrup iXTEND range is very versatile. IXTEND includes comfortable sleeping pads, bed sheets in different designs and a sturdy insert that can be used instead of the standard mattress.

The iXTEND folding bed

The Brandrup bed is spread out over the existing pad. It offers excellent sleeping comfort. The individual parts are subdivided in such a way that you cannot feel the edges of the bench.

The bed is made from a composite of flame retardant foam. The cover is removable and can be washed at 30°C.

The iXTEND PAD insert

iXTEND PAD is an all-round insensitive insole. This replaces the VW insert in the vehicle. The cover is tear-resistant and washable. Inside is a composite of foam.

In the VW T5 / T6, the rear area can be used in both positions and storage space can be gained.

The iXTEND fitted sheets

The iXTEND sheets complete the range. They are available for the mattresses in the rear and for the folding beds, as well as for pop-up and high roofs. Thanks to various designs and intelligent attachment, the bed sheets are all-round talents.

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