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Campwerk Adventure roof tent 140 / 165

Free storage net and mattress pad included!

Available in olive green or grey

from 2.438,00 €

With no other of our roof tents are you so close to the starry sky. In the comfortable sleeping space on the roof of your car or trailer, you can leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind. With the Adventure roof tent from Campwerk, the focus is clearly on fun.

You will find the Adventure roof tent in our exhibition in Darmstadt!

Sleeping with panoramic view

With no other tent are you so close to the starry sky: in the comfortable sleeping space on the roof of your car or trailer. The Adventure roof tent is the ideal solution if you want to spontaneously leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind you at the weekend. Here, the focus is clearly on fun – and uncomplicated handling.

Because the Adventure roof tent unfolds in seconds into an amazingly comfortable living space full of different uses. The large sleeping area with a high-quality mattress is easily reached via the ladder provided. During the drive into the countryside (or into the blue), the roof tent, which has been shrunk into a package, is hardly noticeable on the car.

The cover consists of a particularly durable and thick PVC material. The Adventure roof tent has enough space to simply leave the bedding in the tent when folding it up.

Tip: This roof tent is particularly interesting for anyone whose trailer coupling is already occupied by a boat trailer, horse trailer or similar.

The model that suits you


The Campwerk Adventure roof tent is available in two sizes. The smaller version comfortably accommodates one to two people on a surface of approx. 140 x 240 cm. The larger version with a sleeping area of 165 x 240 cm is ideal for a family.

Both sizes are available in olive green and grey.

The main features at a glance

Storage net and inner pockets

A storage net for larger items is attached to the roof tent floor. Practical pockets are sewn into the interior to store personal items within easy reach.

Panorama windows in the roof

Two panorama windows in the tent roof open up a view of the starry sky. If required, the windows can also be completely darkened.

Roof strut in the vestibule

Sturdy support poles are built into the stem which, if necessary, ensure that water or snow runs off better and no longer collects on the roof.

Tropical canopy

The tropical roof acts like an air conditioner and creates comfortable temperatures in the tent even in hot regions. The layer of air between the living cabin and the tropical roof reduces heat build-up inside the tent. If necessary, it can be easily removed for cleaning.

Packing aid

Thanks to the practical packing aids, the side walls pull into the tent almost automatically when folded up. This makes dismantling much easier, especially with high vehicles.

Arch construction

To help rainwater drain away, the tent construction consists of sturdy 25mm round arches.

Material of the Adventure roof tent

The tent fabric consists of a high-quality blended fabric, also known as canvas. The cotton and polyester fibres combine the advantages of natural and high-tech materials. The fabric is breathable and keeps its shape.

The floor consists of a glass-fibre reinforced thermoplastic honeycomb floor. Dents are a thing of the past: even with a hammer, you can’t do much damage to the floor.

Installation in just a few steps

The roof tent is delivered on a pallet by freight forwarder. All material for mounting the roof tent on existing standard carriers is included. As a rule, two people are required for assembly.

Before first use, a few assembly steps must be carried out, depending on the orientation of the roof tent on the vehicle. For disassembly, only a few screws need to be loosened later. After that, the roof tent can be lifted off the roof rack and stored.

On which cars does the Adventure roof tent fit?

The roof tent can be mounted on almost any vehicle that has a dynamic roof load of at least 60 or 75 kg. You only need two crossbars/load carriers. The roof tent is then attached to the cross struts/load carriers using the enclosed materials. We do not recommend mounting directly on a roof rail, as the distance to the roof is very small and the screws used could cause scratches. You therefore need cross struts/load carriers even with a roof rail.

We are happy to offer you suitable carriers for your vehicle directly at the time of purchase.


What is the minimum roof load required for the Adventure roof tent?

For most vehicles, the roof load is between 75 – 100 kg. However, this specification refers to the load during driving. When stationary, the weight acting on the roof may be significantly higher. The load with persons can therefore be higher than the actual roof load of the vehicle.

Technical details

For mounting on a car roof. You can also mount the ADVENTURE on a trailer.

140 cm165 cm
Dimensions closed140 x 120 x 40 cm (B x L x H)165 x 120 x 40 cm (B x L x H)
Dimensions open140 x 290 x 130 cm (B x L x H)165 x 290 x 130 cm (B x L x H)
Sleeping surface138 x 240 cm (B x L)163 x 240 cm (B x L)
Recommended mounting height90 x 240 cm90 x 240 cm
Total weightca. 60 kgca. 68 kg

Request your individual offer now and experience the fascination of ADVENTURE

Quality and innovation

Materials and workmanship

The tent base consists of a glass-fibre reinforced thermoplastic honeycomb bottom. This design is characterised by high flexural strength with extremely low weight and excellent flatness – perfect for the car roof. The poles of the tents are not made of cardboard either, but of strong, anodised aluminium and special stainless steel components. This modern surface finish offers high corrosion protection and a pleasant feel. The tent fabric is made of a very high-quality 300 gram mixed fabric, also known as canvas. The fibre is a material work of art made of cotton and polyester and combines the advantages of a natural fibre with those of a modern high-tech material. The result is a strong, breathable fabric with a pleasant feel and great dimensional stability. The tent fabric, which is also used by the military, is impregnated and extra tear-resistant. All seams are made with special thread that expands after the first contact with water and seals any seam holes.

The innovative inner tent

Breathing, sweating and cooking produce moisture that can condense on the inside of the outer tent, especially at night. To reduce this effect, the inner tent is made of pure cotton, which is simply attached to the poles of the roof tent with Velcro fasteners. Zip openings on all sides ensure optimal ventilation on hot days.

Set up in a few steps

After you have removed the tarpaulin, pull out the telescopic ladder. Then carefully prise the roof tent open with the ladder until it unfolds itself. Now just insert the poles for the pop-up window and for the canopy and your personal kingdom of heaven is ready.

First, remove the cover that protects the tent during the drive.

Die Leiter wird für den Aufbau ausgezogen. Sie dient als Hebel zum Ausklappen des Zeltes.

Using the extended ladder as a lever, the Adventure roof tent is folded out towards the front.

Jetzt nur noch die Bogenstangen in die dafür vorgesehenen Öffnungen einstecken, um das Zeltdach aufzustellen.

Now just fix the window poles and anchor the anchoring ropes in the ground and your Adventure roof tent is ready for use.

More information about the Adventure roof tent

Overview of features
  • Sturdy storage net for extra space under the roof tent floor
  • Pockets and hooks inside for personal items and lamps
  • Roof bracing in the vestibule ensures that water drains off better and no longer collects on the roof
  • Easy to insert spring rods for setting up the windows and the rain shield
  • Large panoramic windows in the tent roof
  • Removable tropical roof to protect against overheating and dirt

Technical specifications

Matching accessories for Adventure roof tents

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