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ISO-TOP® indoor tents for the VW pop-up roof

The Brandrup ISO-TOP for the pop-up roof in the VW T5, T6 and T6.1 is the all-round talent for the transitional seasons and summer. ISO-TOP insulates and effectively protects the pop-up roof from cooling down through wind / drafts.

The tent creates a homely and cozy atmosphere. In addition, it does not take up any additional storage space. This means that it is always ready for use without any further effort.

An insulating air cushion is created between the bellows and the Brandrup ISO-TOP. This is also effective at high temperatures. Even in the midsummer sun it is noticeably cooler under the roof. When the windows are opened, a refreshing flow of air is created and the double wall (bellows + ISO-TOP) insulates heat.
In cold weather, the air heated by the auxiliary heater is no longer blown away by the wind through the bellows.

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