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Inner tent for VW high roof: BRANDRUP ISO-TOP® for the pop-up roof

Cozy sleeping place in the pop-up roof? But only if it doesn’t get too cold. The Brandrup ISO-TOP – VW Camper inner tent – ensures restful nights under the stars. No matter whether it’s a hot summer night or a fresh breeze in spring and autumn – this is how you camp in a caravan!

The ISO-TOP inner tent from BRANDRUP is the perfect addition to the sleeping space in the pop-up roof. In spring, summer and autumn or winter it creates a homely atmosphere in the pop-up roof. It contributes to this not only by insulating the roof tent. Wind and drafts also stay outside. In addition, the sleeping area can be optimally darkened with the window closed. This is how you can sleep in on vacation.

ISO-TOP MK VI, pop-up roof insulation for VW T6/ T6.1 California with electro-hydraulic pop-up roof - large front opening opened

The ISO-TOP caravan tent can do all of this


  • ✔️Insulation in summer
  • ✔️Thermal insulation
  • ✔️Protection from drafts
  • ✔️Space saving

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VW Pop-up roof: space saver even with ISO-TOP

The pop-up roof in the motorhome is in itself a real space miracle. Simply push up and you will have standing height in the living area. And at night the bed can be folded down with one handle. This means you can separate the living and sleeping areas or sleep with up to two more people. Nothing changes with the ISO-TOP. The caravan tent is installed along the walls of the pop-up roof and folds up and down with them without taking up its own storage space.
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ISO-TOP MK V, pop-up roof insulation for VW T5/T6/T6.1 California - view to the front

High roof tent: insulation through ISO-TOP

Thanks to the insulating air cushion between the bellows and ISO-TOP, the pop-up roof tent keeps the heat of summer nights out. When the windows are open, a cooling air flow also occurs. In the transitional seasons, however, it can get cool at night. If you use the auxiliary heater to warm up the vehicle, the warm air rises up under the roof. But without the extra roof tent, this simply escapes through the outer walls of the pop-up roof. The air layer between the bellows and the ISO-TOP caravan tent keeps the warm air where you want it, namely in the sleeping area under the roof. At the same time, wind and drafts are blocked by the windproof membrane. This is water-repellent and breathable, so that even after rain, the mattress is largely protected from moisture when the roof is closed.

Brandrup ISOTOP interior tent for the pop-up roof - available for VW T4 T5 T6 T6.1, new Iso-Top with large front opening

This is where the ISO-TOP camper tent comes in:

  • ISO-TOP Mark V for VW T6.1/T6/T5 California Ocean/Coast/Beach/Comfortline
  • ISO-TOP Mark VI with large front opening for T6.1/T6 California Ocean/Coast/Beach
  • For manual and electro-hydraulic pop-up roofs
  • The large front panel of the Mark VI can be fully opened, rolled down and secured using two elastic straps. When closing the roof, the front wall and optional FLYOUT mosquito net must be removed.

The ISO-TOP caravan tent is designed for temperatures from -5 ° C to + 45 ° C. This means you can sleep comfortably all year round. The next vacation is still far away? Then brighten up your waiting time by browsing our Online Shop or EBAY Shop. Also take a look at our Sale area with discontinued items.

Pop-up roof in the camper: installing the ISO-TOP

Installing the ISO-TOP in the pop-up roof of the camper is extremely easy. The included fleece tape is attached using the specially developed adhesive according to the enclosed instructions. Some in continuous strips, some in the form of Velcro pads. Best at temperatures above 18° C. After 48 hours of drying time, the tent can be attached to the roof.

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