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The ISOLITE® system from Brandrup is versatile and easy to use. With Isolite Inside, Outdoor and Extreme, it offers a large selection of high quality thermal insulation. The mats are made to fit the different windows of the vehicles. Therefore there are a large number of isolites available. All of them are consistently designed to be functional.

The Isolites can be attached to the window frame using hook and loop fastener. As a result, the reflective film attached inside preserves the cooler indoor air in summer. The sun’s heat is reflected outside. In winter, the insulation reflects the warmth inside into the living area. This creates the desired effect that can also be found in vacuum jugs.

With ISOLITE nobody can see you from the outside. The mats not only darken, they are completely opaque.
Thanks to the ingenious fastening, they can be attached and removed very quickly and also stowed away easily in the pop-up roof.

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