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The right Brandrup bed sheet for every VW camper

Bed sheets in the RV that bunch up and keep you from sleeping? Not with the iXTEND fitted sheets. In the pop-up roof, in the rear or loft bed, on a folding bed or upholstered cushion – BRANDRUP bed sheets offer a secure fit for a restful night in the motorhome.

Often the lying area in the camper is not a perfect, one-size-fits-all rectangle. Bed sheets for motorhomes must also fit precisely on surfaces with corners, curves and gaps. In addition, in the morning the sleeping place must be able to give way quickly and easily to seating or storage space. Without constantly re-upholstering. The material should also enable you to sleep comfortably even in extreme weather. This places high demands on the design of the bed sheets for the motorhome.

iXTEND Bettlaken für das Bett im Heck des Volkswagen Grand California 680, 3-tlg., Nicki-Plüsch

The plus points of the iXTEND bed sheets for the motorhome at a glance:

  • ✔️Perfect fit
  • ✔️ Non-slip
  • ✔️ Functional
  • ✔️ Easy to care for

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Bed sheets for the motorhome: Made to fit

There are opportunities to sleep everywhere in the VWs of the California series. In the pop-up roof, on lying areas that are created by pushing the bench seats together and even in the form of a rear bed on the VW Grand California 680 and 600. The latter also has an optional loft bed. BRANDRUP has designed precisely fitting fitted sheets for all of these areas, as well as for the iXTEND folding bed and the iXTEND PAD, which level the lying areas and provide comfortable padding.

Particularly practical: Despite the bed sheets, the beds can be unfolded, the middle section of the rear bed can be raised and the beds in the pop-up roof can be folded away.

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iXTEND fitted sheet for the bed in the Volkswagen Grand California 600, 3-piece, single jersey

Fitted sheets in the motorhome: So that everything stays in its place!

Fitted sheets are probably the sheet of choice for most people to make a bed quickly, easily and for a long time without wrinkles. Because the all-round rubber ensures that nothing slips. This is particularly important for bed sheets in the motorhome. Bed sheets in the motorhome not only have to survive the night without slipping. Since we don’t want to take the sheets off every morning and put them back on again in the evening, bed sheets in the motorhome have to stay on the sleeping area during the day. Since this is then used for other purposes, in addition to the all-round rubber, rubber tensioners on the back ensure a secure hold. These can of course be easily removed to wash the bed sheets.

Mattress topper in the caravan: comfortable and practical

If the standard mattress is not comfortable enough, a topper in the caravan can easily help. The iXTEND folding beds from BRANDRUP are ideal for this. With the multi-layer composite made of cold foam, they ensure that edges, straps and locks cannot be felt on unpadded lying surfaces. On any other surface it brings extra convenience.

The upper layers in particular absorb the sleeper’s weight and support the body. Of course, a bed sheet also belongs in the caravan. The iXTEND fitted sheets fit perfectly on the iXTEND folding bed and can stay on when folded. Order them conveniently in our shop today. Also keep an eye on our sales and EBAY auctions for interesting offers.

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iXTEND fitted sheet for iXTEND folding bed VW T6/T5 Multivan and California Beach, design

Perfect sleeping climate with the right bed sheets in the motorhome:

  • iXTEND fitted sheet made of Nicki plush for year-round use
  • Breathable and temperature-regulating
  • iXTEND fitted sheet made of single jersey for midsummer
  • Washable up to 40 degrees, suitable for tumble drying (easy care); Nicki plush sheets are non-iron (do not iron!), extra fine and low-pilling

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